What We Offer

  1. Search & Placement Services - Executive Search, Headhunting & General Staff Recruitment Services
  2. Executive & Management Coaching - Coaching Sessions & Workshops - One-on-one coaching sessions complimented by coaching skills development strategies and workshops aimed at all levels of leadership
  3. Coaching and Mentoring Training - modern and effective strategies of building employee morale and commitment in synergy with management.
  4. B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) Consulting - Maximising Organisational Structure, Process & Capabilities in order to Optimise B-BBEE Evaluation Results
  5. Industrial Relations Consulting - Labour Relations Strategy, Policy & Climate Management
  6. Leadership Development Consulting - Maximising Leadership Capability – Enhancing client management capability to lead their people to achieve their individual and team potential
  7. Organisation Development Consulting - Planned, top-down, organization-wide initiatives aimed at increasing organisation effectiveness and health
  8. Human Resource Project Management Services - Maximizes results of project management from initiation to closing stages through a step by step process customized specifically for the client.
  9. Team Alignment Facilitation - Maximising strategic teamwork and relations of various stakeholders.